The Strategic Advantage of Rewards Based Marketing over Discounts on Black Friday

Crafting an Effective Black Friday Marketing Approach:

In the fast-paced world of retail, Black Friday stands out as a pinnacle of consumer activity. Businesses are gearing up for intense Black Friday marketing campaigns aimed at capturing attention, maximising sales, and meeting growth objectives. Brands usually resort to hefty discounts to attract consumers, but there’s a smarter approach that doesn’t devalue your brand while maximising benefits to consumers – Rewards based marketing. This method doesn’t just entice purchases; it strategically engages consumers and, when executed wisely, can save you money. Creating a more effective rewards-based marketing campaign on Black Friday involves leveraging the principles of value, exclusivity, and emotional engagement.

1. Preserving Brand Equity

Discounts, especially hefty ones, can inadvertently diminish the perceived value of your brand and products. Consumers might associate lower prices with lower quality. In contrast, a rewards-based marketing and sales campaign allows you to maintain your brand’s reputation and worth. By highlighting the unique value and benefits of your offerings, you emphasise what sets your brand apart without compromising on perceived value.

Some retailers have been exposed for merely placing their usual discounted items in the Black Friday offerings, attempting to pass them off as exclusive holiday deals. In past instances, consumers were quick to express their discontent online by publicly calling out such strategies. The jeopardy to a brand’s reputation outweighs any potential gains.

Brands can opt for a more transparent and customer-centric approach through rewards. Rather than disguising regular discounted products as holiday specials, your brand can design engaging rewards programmes that provide genuine value. This in turn cultivates trust, elevates the shopping experience, and builds a solid foundation of consumer loyalty, without risking your reputation.

2. Motivating Desired Consumer Behaviour

 Rewards campaigns often create a sense of exclusivity and excitement. Consumers see rewards as additional value beyond a straightforward discount. This perception of added value can attract more attention and motivate purchases.

Using rewards smartly can stimulate desired consumer behaviour. It’s not just about getting a discount; it’s about engaging with your brand in a meaningful way. This could mean repeat purchases, referrals, social media engagement, or any behaviour aligned with your objectives. By incentivising specific behaviours, you nurture a relationship that extends beyond a transaction.

3. Diverging from the Discount Deluge

How can a brand break through the noise of the ubiquitous “Huge Discounts” and “Save Big on Black Friday” offerings while striking a chord with consumers’ emotions? Rewards provides a smarter approach that don’t have to drain your resources.

Offering rewards instead of competing to offer the biggest discounts can help differentiate your brand from competitors and doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to do so.

4. Gamification and Interactivity

   Rewards campaigns can be gamified, making the shopping experience more engaging and enjoyable, adding an element of fun and interactivity to the Black Friday shopping event.

5. Consumer Insights

  Rewards campaigns often require consumers to sign up or provide product and purchase information, enabling the collection of valuable data. Brands can use this data for targeted marketing and better understanding consumer preferences and behaviours.

6. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

  Your campaigns can be structured to encourage consumers to explore a wider range of products or spend more to gain better rewards. This approach can increase the average order value, leading to higher overall sales.

7. Building Lasting Connections

Black Friday isn’t solely about immediate sales gains; it’s an opportunity to establish lasting connections with consumers. Discounts might attract one-time purchases, but rewards campaigns and programmes can cultivate a loyal consumer base that extends beyond Black Friday.

If approached strategically, your brand can leverage this event as an opportunity to introduce your products to new and receptive audiences, encouraging actions such as purchases, trials, sign-ups, and more. Adopting this long-term approach has the potential to greatly influence annual sales and contribute to substantial brand growth.

Consumers receive enticing incentives and personalised experiences, while your brand gains higher acquisition and retention rates. Moreover, it allows for more precise targeting and segmentation, ensuring that any marketing efforts are directed towards those most likely to engage and convert, making it a win for your brand, not just the consumer.

8. Driving Engagement through Exclusivity

The allure of exclusive offerings can never be underestimated. Rewards based campaigns enable brands to offer exclusive incentives, making consumers feel special and appreciated. This exclusivity adds a layer of excitement and urgency to their shopping experience, resulting in heightened engagement and increased conversions.

9. Tangible Results Without Breaking the Bank

Today’s consumers are discerning, and value driven. The need for enticing consumer engagement strategies must be balanced with prudent budget management, considering factors like price fluctuations and shifting consumer behaviour. Traditional advertising, while having its place, comes with inherent risks and uncertainties regarding measuring its direct impact and guaranteeing desired outcomes.

Rewards based campaigns offer a targeted and risk-mitigating solution to this. The approach shifts the focus from persuasive advertising messages to incentivising desired behavioural changes through rewards. Grounded in the principles of behavioural economics, it acknowledges that consumers are more likely to act when they perceive personal gain or advantage. By adopting this approach, your brand can significantly reduce campaign risks as costs are incurred only when the desired behaviour or outcomes are achieved. Brands can therefore make more strategic marketing decisions that ensure greater measurability and return on investment.

Amidst the clamour of Black Friday discounts, rewards-based marketing emerges as an influential tool that not only captivates consumers but also preserves the essence of a brand’s value. By focusing on long-term consumer relationships, unique value propositions, and the allure of exclusivity, your brand can create impactful Black Friday campaigns that resonate deeply and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

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